Yoga Continuing Education


Yoga Continuing Education CE Houston

Proudly receive your Yoga Continuing Education Certification from a former yoga monk! You can receive your 30 Hour Yoga Certification in Houston.

Sanjay's 20 years as a yoga monk rolled into a 30 hours 3 DAY course! ​

3 Day Course: $300.00 

10% goes to charity. 



Sanjay's Yoga Continuing Education (CE) Training in Houston will certify you to the 30 Hour level to maintain your status on various registries including The Yoga Guild.

​For instance, as of January 1, 2015, Yoga Alliance requires "All Registered Yoga Teachers (RYTs) must complete Continuing Education hours every three years to maintain their registration." ALL 200, 300, AND 500 hour Registered Yoga Teachers and Experienced Yoga Teachers (E-RYT) must complete an additional 30 hour continuing education.


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