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Sant Shibir - Sanjay C Patel, former monk of 20 years

Upon completion of Sanjay's amazing 7 day The Yoga Miracle course, you will receive an official certificate with authentic sacred seal from Sanjay. ​

During the Course You Will Easily and Quickly Learn To

  • Stand confidently before a class of yoga students Speak clearly and compassionately
  • Guide students through various yoga postures, breathing techniques, and meditation practices for stress relief
  • Understand vocal and non-verbal feedback
  • Become aware of your body
  • Discover your true self
  • Empower yourself for success and creativity
  • Utilize the profound wisdom of yoga on many levels
Enjoy an authentic 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training and Certification course. Get inspired, informed,and trained by a former yoga monk! You can also use these courses towards a 300 or 500 hour certification.

Sanjay lived in the Himalayas of India - the home of the ancient yogis for many years. There is learned and practiced yoga under the guidance of remarkable enlightened yogis. He was also a monk for 20 years and lived at various monasteries. More about Sanjay

The Yoga Miracle 200 Hour Certification is a 5-star yoga teacher training course at 200 hour level.  It is a unique and powerful course for all aspiring yoga teachers and yogis.  Personal Yoga Instruction in Houston is a personalized and professional way of learning yoga in the environment of your choice.

Yoga Meditation are part of the same skill. They are part and parcel of each other.

Yoga Retreats are a fun way to get away from busy cities and learn yoga in the natural environment it developed thousands of years ago in India. But you don't have to go to India. Just far away from cities and highly populated places.


Doctor's and Nurse's Reviews on Sanjay's Yoga Courses



Mahesh R. Dave, M.D. - Board-Certified in adult, child, forensic and addiction

Yoga teacher training houston - stethoscope 9913252I am a board-certified psychiatrist with separate certifications in Adult, Child, Forensic and Addiction Psychiatry from American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology recognized as certifying entity by American Medical Association and American Board of Medical Specialities. I graduated from Course on medical acupuncture from University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) and have trained under master teachers in Korean Hand Therapy and Chinese Scalp Acupuncture.

I learned yoga from Mr. Sanjay Patel when I attended his yoga sessions with other students in India. I also attended his teaching sessions in the USA in 2004. He taught the asana, forms of pranayamas and meditation based on Patanjali Yoga in a highly skilled manner to novice and experienced alike.

Mr. Patel’s teachings have made me a better student of Ayurveda which I grew up with and learned from Dr. Vasant Lad of Pune and Dr. Partap Chauhan of Jiva Ayurveda, India, who are revered Ayurveda teachers in India and abroad.

A dimension about Mr. Sanjay Patel that may not be known at all is that he lived as yogi for many years. Vedic habits of fasting on certain days, daily worship, sacred rituals, pranayama, yogic exercises, and active detachment from objects were part of his every second. Mr. Patel breathed and lived Yogic Tradition.

Mr. Sanjay Patel has recently written a book on relationship of spirituality and God – a very scholarly research. I believe his writing is a great asset to practice of Living and Yogic Living as it explores the spiritual dimension.

I strongly recommend Mr. Sanjay Patel to anyone who wants to learn yoga in depth with the spiritual dimension. It will be a personal gift of a lifetime.

Mahesh R Dave, M.D.



Avani Thakkar - Registered Nurse, MHA BSN RN

Walking down the memory lane of my spiritual path, I do want to thank Mr. Sanjay Patel for enlightening me about the knowledge of meditation. I am a Homeopath physician from India, and have been working as a psychiatric nurse in Houston, Texas, at one of the most reputable psychiatric hospitals of USA, the Menninger Clinic.

I have been a strong advocate of holistic care. I strongly believe that patients need treatment at physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual levels. Medications have always helped in recovery, unfortunately not in all four levels.

Meeting Mr. Patel individually and learning about two the strongest aspects of yoga: meditation and pranayama (breathing exercise) has impacted my nursing practice in the most positive direction.

Being born and raised in India had always given me the privilege to learn yoga from elementary school. However, I will be honest, the clarity of understanding and teaching yoga by Mr. Patel is beyond compare.

I am so blessed that I had this great opportunity to have crossed paths with Mr. Patel. He has tremendous knowledge about all aspects of yoga and he made me realize that yoga is not just stretches and poses but way beyond. I have realized through his teachings that yoga is the path to meet the higher power.  I have enjoyed peace and unconditional joy through the practice of meditation and pranayama.

Mr. Patel has many years of experience in practicing and teaching yoga with some of the great yogis in India; but his humbleness makes him a great yoga guru.

I have implemented his teachings in my practice by conducting meditation groups at my hospital. My clients are young adults who are struggling from ADHD, substance abuse, depression, anxiety, and mental stress. I have seen great results in their recovery due to the introduction of this group.  I have seen great results with ADHD patients who are doing great with their performance. This has also helped addiction patients from relapsing in their recovery.​

I am so excited with the certification programs offered by Mr. Patel; I know for sure I am going ahead with it. Learning from Mr. Patel has helped me to grow individually and professionally.

Love and light,

Avani Thakkar - Registered Nurse, Houston



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