How to Become a Yoga Instructor

How to Become a Yoga Instructor, Yoga Teacher Trainer, and Follow Your Heart

Do you want to become a yoga instructor or teacher? It is probably one of the most fulfilling and emotionally rewarding vocations you can choose. Yoga teacher training can help you become a yoga teacher.

Some people, if they have other streams of income, teach yoga for free as a hobby or passion! This shows how much fun it is to teach yoga. If you get enough experience, you can start yoga teacher training yourself.

Becoming a yoga instructor is not very difficult, neither is it very easy if you're starting yoga from scratch. But it's still doable. If you already have a background in yoga, then it can be quite easy depending on your skills and knowledge. It also depends on your yoga teacher trainer.

If you’re aiming to become a yoga instructor or yoga teacher trainer recognized by as many people as possible, you will need to get certified by a  yoga school and yoga teacher trainer for most people to accept you as a legitimate teacher or yoga teacher trainer.

To become a yoga instructor or yoga teacher trainer who is certified, you need to find a yoga school and go through yoga teacher training. These are sometimes called 'registered' yoga schools. But certified or registered by whom? There are several important yoga organizations in the United States. One of them is The Yoga Guild. 

The Yoga Guild stipulates certain requirements and standards for yoga schools and yoga teacher trainers to be listed in its Registry. If these yoga schools and yoga teacher trainers are shown to abide by these requirements, The Yoga Guild lists them in its registry.

To become a yoga instructor, most yoga teaching courses are a minimum length of 200 hours.


Which course should you choose? Ashtanga, Hatha, Kundalini? 

You should also know that to become a yoga instructor, or yoga teacher trainer, the 200 hour certification course does NOT have to match exactly the type of yoga you wish to teach.

Because there are so many similarities between the various yoga traditions, for instance between Ashtanga and Hatha and Kundalini yoga, if you become certified yoga teacher or yoga teacher trainer in Ashtanga, it does not prevent you in any way from teaching Hatha or Kundalini, for instance.

This flexibility in yoga teacher training is in accordance with the genuine openness and fluidity of yoga and yoga teaching. Yoga is not monolithic. It is not dogmatic. yoga teaching disciplines overlap. In fact, if any one style is mastered, ancient yogis stated that all yoga styles had been mastered. If even one posture is mastered, all postures are mastered.

You can quickly become a yoga instructor or be on your way to become a yoga teacher trainer by attending Sanjay’s "The Yoga Miracle" Yoga Teacher Training 200 Hour Certification program. 

You’ll be certified by Sanjay’s pre-eminent Houston Yoga School and will have the opportunity to be registered as a certified yoga teacher - and if you wish - as a yoga teacher registered with The Yoga Guild.

Sanjay is a former monk of 20 years and is a compassionate yoga teacher trainer. His blissful therapeutic courses are recommended by doctors and nurses. 

After becoming a certified yoga teacher, or yoga teacher trainer you’ll be in a strong position to teach yoga to new students, and even teach them to yoga teacher trainers. You’ll be able to proudly announce you were certified as a yoga teacher trainer by a former monk. But most importantly, yoga teacher training will enable you to follow your passion, improve the lives of others, and earn a living at the same time. 

The United States is still awakening to yoga. Many more certified yoga instructors and yoga teacher trainers are needed to cater for the growing demand. This is the right time to learn and teach yoga to others. The opportunities are endless.

Follow your heart. Come and join Sanjay this New Year and become a certified yoga instructor, and one day, a yoga teacher trainer. Sanjay’s blissful courses are also the most reasonably priced in the USA and you won’t have to break the bank by traveling to The Himalayas! 

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