BENEFITS of Sanjay’s Yoga Teacher Training in Houston


Houston Yoga School and its Yoga Teacher Training and Certification courses were founded on the belief that every student has the ability to become a true Yogi or Yogini (females), whatever their body type or maturity.

Over the past thirty years, Sanjay has helped more than 4000 students improve their yoga asanas (postures), breathing techniques (pranayama), meditation skills (dhyana), experience of inner peace and their true self (samadhi), and control, reduce, or even eliminate several medical conditions including Stress. As a result, these students have experienced better quality of life, enhanced self-esteem, and better health.

Children and teens, too, have grown in self-esteem and confidence from Sanjay's courses. Impulsiveness decreased. Focus on long term benefits and winning in the long run has become their focus. Sanjay loves celebrating these victories of real life with all his students.

UNIQUE BENEFITS of Sanjay’s Yoga Teacher Training in Houston - 200 Hour Certification Program

* You will find it simple, enlightening, and fun

* You will be certified by a former yoga monk of 20 years

* You can start your own yoga business

* You can begin to teach your community, friends, and family

* Allows you to diversify into any type or tradition of yoga you prefer

* You can develop and build your own brand of yoga using the powerful principles taught by ancient yogis and medical studies alike

* You will learn real, medically proven yoga that is gentle and therapeutic

* You will experience stress relief and learn how to teach it

* You will become familiar with scientific techniques and beliefs of Yoga:

* Patanjali’s Ashtanga Yoga

* Swatmarama’s Hatha Yoga

* Vasishta’s Kundalini Yoga

* Helps you experience tranquility, non-judgementalness, and compassion

* Christian yoga friendly

* Respects and embraces all faiths

* Reveals to you the amazing connections between ancient yoga beliefs about our world and modern discoveries concerning science and the Bible

* Helps transform you into a yoga sage – a yogi or yogini – blossoming with inspiring personality and wisdom that will attract people around you

* Affordable, locally-based 7 day course Learn more

* You will automatically be listed as a Registered and Qualified Yoga Teacher (RQYT) at 200 Hour Level by Houston Yoga School

* Training in small groups only (2-4 students at a time)

* Friendly, informal, and spiritual atmosphere

* Experience the Himalayas in Houston!


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