Christian Yoga Teacher Training


Are you a devout Christian? Do you want to practice yoga or teach it to others?

If so, Christian yoga teacher training is probably very important to you.

Fortunately, you can get your unique Christian yoga teacher training right here in Houston from Sanjay, a former monk of 20 years. You will also get certified.

As a devout Christian, your spiritual beliefs should not be challenged or weakened by practicing yoga. This is understandable. You may be concerned that yoga is a Hindu practice, something that may be unchristian.

This is a common concern of many devout Christians considering the fact that yoga teachers and studios often emphasize Buddhist and Hindu values and are surrounded by Eastern faiths. In fact, it is also true that yoga is surrounded by Jain faiths. 

How can this be? How can yoga be Buddhist, Hindu, and Jain? These three are as distinct as Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.


It’s because yoga is not itself a religion. It is an open ended, broad-minded spirituality that accepts and respects all beliefs. 

This is how Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism - though very different from each other - came to be associated with yoga. Yoga came first, before these faiths arose. These faiths evolved around yoga later.

This was only possible because yoga is open-ended and friendly to all faiths. That’s why millions of Christians, Jews, and Moslems around the world practice yoga without worry and gain from all its amazing benefits - physical, psychological, and spiritual! 


Additionally, millions of Christians have found that yoga has actually taken them closer to Jesus than they would otherwise have grown. 

Christian yoga teacher training is therefore a beautiful skill to acquire. Through Christian yoga teacher training you can learn how to teach yoga to students in an open spiritual way that also takes them closer to their Lord. 


There are also profound ways in which yoga beliefs reflect ancient beliefs of the Bible. They are so similar, they are astounding.

New scientific studies of these descriptions indicate the Biblical beliefs about creation and Noah’s flood may be metaphors that are scientifically accurate. You will learn about all these inspiring beliefs and discoveries in Sanjay’s Christian yoga teacher training friendly course.

Christian yoga teacher training is a built-in feature of Sanjay’s multi-faith friendly and generic yoga teacher training course.

Sanjay will give you the information, methods, and training you require to create and further customize your own Christian yoga teacher training courses or classes for Christian students as you please.


Christian yoga teacher training from Sanjay adds that special touch of spirituality and humility you can only get from a monk. 

Sanjay is a former monk of 20 years and actually lived and breathed yoga. Like many sages of Christianity as well as John the Baptist, Sanjay lived in the wilderness in a secluded monastery. He lived frugally, in poverty, and fasted without food and water for days on end.

He is now a happily married man living in Houston offering some of the most genuine and affordable yoga teacher training courses in the USA.

This course is possibly the most authentic Christian yoga teacher training program you will experience anywhere.




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