Cheap & Affordable Yoga Retreats


The best courses don't have to be expensive. Sanjay believes yoga teacher training should be affordable and accessible to all. This is the true spirit of yoga. It’s about helping others. This is why Sanjay’s courses are highly discounted and affordable without compromising on standards.

But many other 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training courses charge upward of $5000 - not including taxes.

In stark contrast, Sanjay's premium quality yoga teacher training courses are within reach of all and highly authentic. Sanjay's "The Yoga Miracle" 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course is just $3500 - including taxes.

Sanjay is a former monk of 20 years and lived and breathed yoga as he practiced it at a secluded monastery! He teaches the real thing. It's simple and you can learn it too.

Sanjay's courses are recommended by US board certified medical doctors and nurses. His courses are simply the best and easiest around.

Affordable yoga teacher training is everyone’s birthright.

Why? Because yoga's so good and wholesome everyone should be encouraged to practice and teach it to as many people as they can. Practicing yoga not only feels good, saves you significant sums of money by avoiding many medical conditions, but it also saves lives. Many fatal illnesses have a treatable cause: stress.

And yoga - especially the breath control and meditation exercises - are medically proven to reduce stress significantly. This type of yoga is the authentic, original, ancient yoga. It's what Sanjay teaches and promotes. It’s not about the glamorous gymnastics being displayed today.

Genuine yoga is so simple to do, almost anyone can learn to do it within a few weeks. After that, practice makes perfect, as in all other things.

Affordable yoga teacher training is now within your reach. Yoga shouldn’t be exploitive or greedy. Sanjay believes yoga shouldn’t be exclusive, extravagant, or posh. According to its ancient heritage, it’s down to earth. It’s simple. And it’s spiritual. It’s a lifestyle, an ethic, a universal, timeless wisdom.

It transforms you. If everyone practices it, it changes the world. That’s why yoga should always be affordable: both learning to practice it as well as learning to teach it. Making affordable yoga teacher training within your reach facilitates bringing it within the reach of all. 

You can transform yourself and the people around you by joining the Sanjay’s therapeutic, relaxing, and stress-relieving 200 Hours of Yoga Teacher Training in Houston.

Learning and teaching yoga, though affordable, is nevertheless PRICELESS.

Just ask the people whose lives have been transformed or saved due to yoga. Yoga's soaring popularity amongst doctors and other health experts around the world is testimony to it's unparalleled and invaluable benefits.

You can learn this ancient science affordably and authentically from a former monk of 20 years.

In turn, you can teach therapeutic yoga to others at an affordable rate and change their lives. Additionally, you can earn a decent living doing something noble and uplifting. Something you love.



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