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Meditation Retreats

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Registered With The Yoga Guild® (YGA-YS) and Yoga Alliance (RYS)

The Yoga Miracle Book - Sanjay C Patel

Sanjay Patel - Owner of Houston Yoga School

Sanjay C Patel - Meditation Lessons & Houston Yoga School Retreat

Your non-religious and professional courses for yoga and meditation training. We teach you only pure, evidenced-based, and scientifically verified techniques without reference to dogma. 

Clinical studies have shown that the same great results are brought about universally in almost all forms of meditation.* They aren’t exclusive to any particular brand or creed.

Being given a ‘secret’ mantra, for instance, by a teacher or guru makes no difference to the results. You get the same physiological and psychological benefits even if you choose the mantra or symbol yourself.

Yoga and meditation are not religions. 

They're principles. Like gravity. Or love. Or compassion. They're no-one’s and everyone’s property. That’s why they’ll work even if you don’t believe in any particular faith or guru. That’s the beauty of principles. 

*Dr Herbert Benson, Professor of Mind/Body Medicine at Harvard Medical School 


Namaste! It means "I bow to the divinity in you."
Welcome to Houston Yoga School 

* Receive your 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training and Certification from a former yoga monk

* Get registered as a Yoga Teacher with The Yoga Guild or The Yoga Alliance.

* Enjoy Stress-Relieving, Soul Enlightening Yoga Teacher Training.

* Experience The Himalayas in Houston!

* It’s Easy, Fun, and Empowering.

* Thousands of Students Have Learned from Sanjay.

* Learn to be a Yogi / Yogini and Change Your Life.

* YOU DON'T HAVE TO BECOME A TEACHER - You Can Still Take Normal Classes.

Explore more benefits 

Sanjay C Patel

* Former yoga monk of 20 years. Lived in India's Himalayas

* Internationally published peer-reviewed researcher

* Author of 11 books

* Latest groundbreaking book: THE YOGA MIRACLE - How Yoga and Meditation Bring You Health, Happiness, and Spiritual Wellness

About Houston Yoga School ...

Houston Yoga School offers you the most illuminating and inspiring experience of basic classes as well as Yoga Teacher Training that combines yoga and meditation together. You can learn them easily and receive your 200 hour yoga certification from a former monk – Sanjay C Patel – who has actually walked the talk and whose guidance is authentic, scholarly, and practical.

Sanjay’s yoga classes are not cardio or gymnastic. You don’t have to twist into a pretzel. 

Houston Yoga School promotes gentle yoga. This was the real and original yoga of ancient times. It was for physical and psychological wellbeing. It was for spiritual growth.

Houston Yoga School's classes and Yoga Teacher Training follows this ancient, time-tested, medically proven principle.

Why do so many people love yoga? Because it makes you feel great!

The medical studies that show yoga is good for you and your heart, stress relief, and overall health do not point to the pretzel postures.

They recommend yogic breath control, meditation, gentle stretching yoga postures, and lifestyle change! 

It is a medically demonstrated fact approved by the FDA that one can actually reverse heart disease (clogged arteries) without surgery or even medication – if one follows the principles of breath control and meditation etc. described in ancient yoga techniques. 

Other serious medical conditions that can be improved by yoga and meditation include the following:

Angina pectoris, cardiac arrhythmias, allergic skin reactions, cough, fatigue, hypertension, infertility, insomnia, many forms of body pain, and even side effects of cancer and AIDS treatments. 

All this is mainstream science, not hocus pocus. And you can learn about it, imbibe it into your routine, and teach it to others by completing Yoga Teacher Training at Houston Yoga School.

Not everyone can do the yoga ‘pretzels.’ But most people can become much healthier - and happier - than they are.

Benefits of Sanjay's Yoga Teacher Training in Houston. Click here

Feel in Himalayas with Yoga Weekend Retreat Spa with Houston Yoga School

Experience The Himalayas in Houston!

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